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4th ICMDME2015
Ms. ji
Email: cfp@icmdme.org
Tel: +86-24-83958379-801
QQ: 1366071438

Registration Files needed to submit:

(1) THE FINAL VERSION OF THE PAPER(BOTH MS Word file and PDF like: 123.doc and 123.pdf),you will find the TTP FORMATING, WIT FORMATIN, IEEE FORMATING.
(2) REGISTRATION FORM (.xls or.xlsx)
(4) SCANNED STUDENT CARD (If the author registers as student. )
(5) COPYRIGHT Agreement FORM (Titled as ICMDME2015 YOUR PAPER ID+copyright, like:"123 copyright".pdf)

Your registration WILL NOT be confirmed until all Registration Files above are received in full.

Categories Conference Fee (TTP) Conference Fee (WIT) Conference Fee (IEEE)

2400RMB / 420 USD / 310EUR /4 pages

505 USD/320 GBP/3100RMB/6 pages

2600RMB/440USD/5 pages

Authors(Non Student)* 2600RMB / 440 USD / 340EUR/4 pages

505 USD/320 GBP/3100RMB/6 pages

2900RMB/490USD/5 pages

Listeners 1200RMB / 200 USD / 160EUR

200 USD/130GBP/ 1200RMB

200 USD/130GBP/ 1200RMB

Invited Speaker Free Free Free
Additional Paper(s)**

2000RMB / 340 USD / 260EUR

440 USD/280GBP/ 2700RMB


Additional Page

300RMB / 50 USD / 40EUR (One Page)

160 USD/100GBP/1000RMB/Page


Extra Proceeding

500RMB / 80 USD / 60EUR

80USD/50GBP/ 500RMB

80USD/50GBP/ 500RMB


1. One regular registration with one or more additional papers has only one proceeding book.

2. For the authors who have difficulties to pay US Dollars, such as Iran, please pay Euros as: 1 Euro = 1.25 USD

3. Papers which are selected and will be published in SCI-indexed journals, needs to be paid.

4. The registration fee includes hard copy of the journal, reception, banquet, lunches, coffee-break, conference bag, conference souvenir and attending all technical sessions.

5. For all accepted papers, the registration fee needs to be paid before the deadline.

6. Please note that the paid registration fee can not be refund if you can not participate in the conference.

7. The cost of the hotel accommodation and travel is not included in the registration fee.


1. 为方便作者注册,本次大会接受大会现场注册(现金,不接受信用卡及银行卡刷卡),如需现场注册,请在提交注册文件时说明。

2. 每篇录用论文必须注册后方可发表。

3. 以同一第一作者身份注册额外文章者,只可获得一本论文集。

4. 如果论文被推荐到SCI收录期刊上发表,则需要交纳额外的出版费。

5. 会议鼓励作者出席并参加会议交流,但对于因故不能参加会议的,组委会也将在会后邮寄论文期刊等相关资料给作者。

6. 作者还可以通过银行转帐、邮局汇款、支付宝等方式支付会议注册费。相关信息详见注册表。

7. 会议注册费包括出版费用,纸质版期刊,开会当天的午餐。注:食宿自理。




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